What’s Fresh?

Fresh Produce In Store

At Country Produce we know fresh and believe in nothing but the best. This is why we hand pick our products fresh from the markets in Toronto daily to provide you with the freshest produce available. Below you will find a breakdown of what’s in store and what’s fresh.

The Freshest Fruits & Vegetables

We buy the highest quality, size and colour we can get at the Ontario Food Terminal daily. We buy local and straight from the farmers whenever we can to provide you with fresh and quality produce every time.

Oven Fresh Bakery

We bake in store daily! Our breads, buns, muffins, cookies, fruit pies, butter tarts and quiches are hot out of the oven and baked to perfection.

Fresh Caught Seafood

We have fresh fish and seafood just like you caught it yourself! We have a wide selection of salmon, halibut pickerel, catfish, rainbow trout, as well as in-store smoked fish and dips. Store steamed shrimp, live lobsters, scallops, king crab, mussels, oyster and clams are just the tip of the iceberg for what we carry. Oh my!

Finest Cuts of Meat

Our butchers offer top-quality AAA beef, store made hamburger patties, and steaks cut just the way you need them. Choose from store made kabobs, fresh Ontario pork, local air chilled chicken, fresh sausages, store sliced peameal and smoked back bacon. Local free-range turkeys are available for seasonal celebrations.

Delicious Deli-Meat & Cheese

We have Cured and Fresh sliced deli meats, salamis, cheeses, olives, store made bruschetta, and store-grated parmesan cheese.


Party platters, fruit, cheese and gourmet gift Baskets are available to order with just a few hours notice. For additional information on our services please contact us at 705-325-9902.



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