Prepared Meals

Hot Meals to Go

Sometimes you just need something that’s fast, healthy and ready to eat. Our in-store cooks prepare meals daily, so you stay on the go and eat great. This includes BBQ rotisserie chickens, soups, meat pies, pizzas, comfort food entrees & sides.

Visit us for Fish Fridays for take-out halibut & fresh cut fries!

Prepared Meals Lasagna | Country Produce

Meals Ready to Eat

We aren’t just about fresh groceries at Country Produce. We have a wide selection of ready to go meals and a top notch salad bar. This allows you to get what you need, when you need it – be it a tight lunch or a quick stop on your way home.

Salad Bar

Our in-store Salad Bar rivals the best healthy spots you can think of, with an extra Country Produce flair. We offer fresh – store made salads (greek, caesar and more), as well as fresh cut fruit and veggies, pasta salads and more. Eat what you want, and eat healthy.

Prepared Meals Fresh Condiments | Country Produce
Prepared Meals Soup | Country Produce

Soups of the Day


Chicken Noodle

Butternut Squash

Cauliflower and Cheese

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